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25+ Fathers Day Greetings : Best Fathers day 2016 Greeting Messages

Best Fathers day 2016 Greetings Messages : Father’s day greetings 2016 can make your father’s, fathers day 2016 special. Our father does many things in daily life, he is always there to protect us, love us and guide us. Father’s day gives us chance to show how much we love our father and appreciate him for all the hard work. He teaches us how to walk, how to talk and how to handle the extreme situation in the life. For any child, the father is in idle which he/she always want to follow. Like mother, father has an important role in the life of a child, however, most of the time people ignores the contribution of a father. To make your Father’s day special you can do many things, you can send him a greeting card, or may be send him a gift or most important you can try spending time with the father, also to add more happiness you can send father’s day greetings 2016 to your father. In this blog we have provided few beautiful and heart touching Father’s Day 2016 greetings which you an use to send it to your Father.

Father’s Day 2016 Greetings

Here is our best collection of greetings for father's day 2016.
You are the best gift from God to me, Love you dad, Happy Father’s Day.

Thank you for always helping me, supporting me and guiding me to walk on the right path, happy Father’s Day.

You have always been my inspiration and motivation, thank you for being in my life, love you dad, Happy Father’s Day 2016.

God cannot be present everywhere so he gave fathers, Happy Father’s Day.

You have been like candle light for me in the darkness of the world, Happy Father’s Day.

As a young one, we feel our life is full of hardship and struggle, but when we see the hardship our father faces in his life, our hardship is nothing compared to fathers hardship, love you dad, Happy Father’s Day.

You always held me when i cried or felt pain, you always encouraged me and help me to gain my confidence, you always have been my strength when obstacles came in my way, you are the best father in the whole world, Happy Father’s day.

The most important thing a child requires in his childhood is fathers protection.
A father is equal to 100 school teacher.

Father’s life is a real life experience book, which is full of happiness, interesting incidents, fun, hardship and struggle.

Father and mother are the two greatest pillars of child’s life.

Children’s are the most valuable asset of the father’s.

A father is the person ,who will always save your from your mother’s scolding, will give you chocolates to eat when mom is away, will protect you from badness and will always hold your hand till his life ends.

Best Fathers day 2016 Greeting Messages

A father holds your hand for little time, but hearts forever.

You might not be able to play with your father as he is busy working, but he knows that to give you a better life he has to miss few happy moments of the life.

A father might not be seen next to us in our happy times, but he will always stand next to us in our bad times.

You taught me to never give up and always standup if you fall and work hard and you will get success. Thank you for everything. Happy Father’s Day.

My father taught me don’t just try hard, but be positive and work hard to achieve the goal. Thanks a lot an love you , Happy Father’s Day.

A father is always making his little baby into women and when she is a women turns her back.

You are a special dad, any one can be a father, but it takes special efforts to be a dad, love you lots, Happy Father’s Day 2016.

Whenever you are giving support or helping to solve the problem or just giving advise, you have ability to put love in everything, Love you dad, Happy Father’s Day.

I can never pay you back for everything you have done, but i can promise to love you always, today and forever, Love you, Happy Father’s Day.

These Father’s Day greetings 2016 will surely make you father feel valued and important. This is the best way to express your love for your father and let him know he is the role model in your life. I am sure you would have loved the Father’s Day 2016 greetings messages and as the day is near start checking for new updates on our blog as well.

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Happy Fathers Day Shayari In Hindi 2016

Happy Fathers Day Shayari In Hindi 2016

Kids are always enthusiastic about father’s day, and these days kids even make baked cakes or cookies to make their day very special. For a father, when he sees his kid making efforts to make his father’s day special, is the most valuable gift for a father.Fathers Day Quotes In Hindi, Fathers Day Shayari In Hindi Kids can write down poems and recite Father’s day poems. Here we have gathered best Fathers day poems from kids why not use these poems and sing for your dad? I am sure this will be the best gift for your dad. we come here a best collection of Happy Fathers Day Shayari In Hindi 2016. You can also write these poems on a greeting card and give it to your dad. So I would suggest you to go through, all the Fathers day 2016 poems from kids and pick the best one, that you would love to sing for your dad.

Check: : Dad's Day Cards

Happy Fathers Day Shayari In Hindi 2016

Zindagi men 2 logo ka boht khayal rakhna.
1st wo jis ne tmhari JEET k liye boht kuch hara ho…
2nd wo jis ko tm ne hr dukh me pukara ho..

Karamaat Hai Tere Dad Ki
Jo Tere Jaise Bewkoof
Stupid, Idiot, Nalayak Se
Insaan Ko Abhi Tak
Bardaasht Kar Rahe Hain 

checkout : Dad Day Images

 Mere Pyare Pyare Papa
Mere Dil Mein Rehte Papa
Meri Chhoti Si Khushi Ke Liye
Sab Kuchh Seh Jate Hain Papa
Poori Karte Har Meri Ichha
Unke Jaisa Nahi Koi Achha
Mummy Meri Jab Bhi Daante
Mujhe Dulaarte Mere Papa
Mere Pyare Pyare Papa !

Aaj sab ko yaad hei ki konsaa day’s hei aaj Yaad hei to welldone aur yaad naa ho to niche dekh lo,
Jiske kaarn aap ka aur hum sub kaa iss duniyaa me vazud hei aaj unkaa day’s hei
1 aakash me bhagvaan rehte hai.
aur ek hamari samksh hamare pita jo bhagvaan se bhi badhkar hei hamaari liye,
Happy father’s day
Aap sub ko father day’s ki hardik shub kaamna 🙂
Mother day’s hoto TV me bhi AD aati hai aur
father day’s ke liye kuch bhi nahi
To chalo iss msg ko itnaa felaado ki har fathers ko apne bachho pe proud ho. 

Nind apni bhula ke sulaya humko....
Aansu apne gira ke hasaya humko...........
Dard kabhi na dena uss khuda ki tasvir ko..........
Zamana ma-bap kehta hai jinko............
happy fathers day

So friends above we share some of the best Happy Fathers Day Shayari In Hindi 2016 with your relatives, friends and family. 

Thursday, 19 May 2016


FREE PRINTABLE FATHERS DAY CARDS 2016Free printable father’s day cards print 2016 and write a personalized message for your dad and present him on the special day to make it a memorable day.Free printable Father’s day cards, especially for your dad. A dad is a best friend, a true teacher; he is like a candle in darkness. Dad always fills our life with happiness and joy. As the father’s day is near you want to make a special card for your dad that is an awesome idea. For the kids who want to make custom cards, we have gathered few best free printable father’s day cards. Go through all the printable cards and also the inner verse, you can take print out of these cards and give it to your dad. These printable cards are beautiful and the inner verse with the each card’s are really heart touching. So check all the cards and take print of the best card, which you want to send. If you are dad’s little angel, then go through our collection of heart touching father daughter quotes.

Best free printable Father’s day cards: AWESOME PRINTABLE CARDS FOR FATHERS DAY 2016

Inner Verse: Dad, you are my best friend, my best teacher, thank you for guiding me and teaching me the difference between, right and wrong. Thank you dad for everything. Happy Father’s Day

Inner verse: Thank you for always being there for me, strengthening me, supporting me and most important you have shown unconditional love towards me, I love you dad. Happy father’s day.

Inner verse: Today is the day to enjoy and celebrate, today is the special day for you, I just want to say, Thank you dad for everything you have done for me and sit back, relax and enjoy your special day. Happy Father’s day.


Inner verse: Thank you for understand me, believing in me and fulfilling my wishes, many were stupid and funny, but still you did things just for me. You are the best dad in the world. Happy Father’s day.

Inner Verse: A Dad is a son’s first hero and daughter’s first love, Happy Father’s day.

Inner verse: I may have not been a good kid always, but still, that did not stop you from being a good father. Thank you for everything dad and love you. Happy Father’s day.

Inner verse: You always made me laugh, when I was hurt, you even cried silently. I might have not said to you, but today I don’t want to miss out to say “Dad, I love you”. Happy Father’s day.

Inner verse: You are a perfect dad, a man of honor, a man to rely on and to trust, Thank you for making me understand the real values of life and guide me through my ways. I love you, dad! Happy Father’s day.


Inner verse: The best gift I every received from God, I call it Dad, Happy Father’s Day.

Inner Verse: Whenever I think about you, all sweet memories comes to my mind, the lovely time we spent together, though I am far away, right now. My love for you still remains the same. Happy Father’s day.

Inner Verse: You are my best friend, who always stood by my side, when I was happy and when I sad. You always supported me and motivated me. You proved to be the best teacher, who tough me, important aspects of life. Thank you dad for everything, you are the greatest dad in the whole world. Happy Father’s day.

I am sure you would have loved all the free printable father’s day cards for fathers day 2016, and as you read the inner words, you heart would have filled with joy and your love and affection for your dad would have increased, you can also go through our fathers day messages to write on the greeting card. Father’s day will be celebrated on 19th June, this year in most of the countries, Utilize the free printable father’s day cards and give it to your dad and make his day special.

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Sunday, 15 May 2016


FATHER’S DAY GIFTS FROM KIDS 2016: we provide best collection of best gifts from kids for fathers day 2016.Kids would love to make Father’s Day gifts Homemade gift are more favored when it comes to father’s day gifts from kids. Father’s day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of the June. This year father’s day falls on 19th June 2016. As every one of us is waiting for the special day, kids are more excited for the father’s Day. For them it is a day for fathers, and they love to make something special for them. You can motivate kids to use their imagination to make gifts for dad. Provide your kids with the things they need to make father’s day gifts for kids. You can also help them in making gifts.

Best Father’s day gifts from kids: Happy Fathers Day 2016 Gifts

Kids would love to make homemade Father’s day cards. You can make a father’s Day card using construction paper, crayons, markers, and stickers. Write dad on the front or write a message for your dad and color the card.

How about teddy bears dressed with that, tie and glasses and keep it with a Happy Father’s day card.

Many children’s prefer to serve daddy with breakfast in bed or lunch or dinner.

Gingerbread cookies can also be made and you can use piping to draw Dad on it. You can decorate the cookies as well.

Make a DVD for dad of her favorite TV show or movie.

Help kids to make Father’s day posters, search for beautiful Father’s day quotes or Father’s Day messages and give them to write on the poster and decorate the poster.

Decorate a t-shirt with fabric paint and sign your name or you can make your hand prints on the t-shirt and sign your name. Dad will love wearing this t-shirt.

You can make a gift certificate and give it to your dad, in certificate you can mentioned a list of chores you will be doing for your dad.

You can also make a special story book for your dad, mention about his qualities and why he is so special.

Making a hand print using clay and sign your names on the palms.

If dad loves cooking or barbecue then buy a white apron and make hand prints on the apron and decorate the apron, which would make a beautiful gift for dad.

How about making a Photo collage, use the best pictures you have in the house, your, dads and you both together, use the photographs from the past to make the photo collage memorable.

How about making a photo frame and gifting it to your dad.

Make a best dad certificate, you can write “Best dad certificate”, “World’s best Dad” and also sign the certificate and give it to your dad.

Let kids make as many Father’s day gifts they want to make for their dad, as many children’s would like to make greeting card, best dad certificate, hand print on t-shirt or apron, it is fun for them and want to gift more and more gifts to father. Kids would also enjoy making Father’s Day gifts from kids in schools as well. So let’s help our kids and together we make a best Father’s day gifts from kids. You can also check fathers day ideas to make your dad’s day a memorable day.

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Ideas for Father’s Day Crafts 2016 : Father’s day crafts can really make a beautiful gift for fathers. Father’s day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of the June month every year, in most of all the countries. This year father’s day falls on Sunday, 19th June 2016. When we talk of father’s day craft, you might feel, crafts are difficult to make and i cannot do it. So understanding this, we have gathered 5 best father’s day craft for you, and these are easy to make and will make a beautiful gift for your dad. So go through all the craft ideas and decide which one you want to make and start making. You can also check our printable fathers day cards, to take print out and gift to your dad.

Best 5 Father’s Day Crafts: Best CRAFT IDEAS FOR FATHERS DAY 2016

1) Paper card using ribbons: You can make a father’s day card at home. To make this craft you need a card, ribbons, scissors and hole punch. So let’s make this craft for your father. Follow the bellow given steps to make this craft.

-Cut a card from a colored paper using pinking shears, any shape like heart, square, rectangle will work.
-With the help of hole punch make a series of holes around the edges of the card. Make an even number of holes.

-String ribbon or yarn through the holes. Tie the ends in a bow, if the bow does not look good, you can glue the ends of the ribbon to the back of the card instead.

-Write a message for your dad or draw a picture on the card.

2) Daddy picture frame craft: Let’s make a picture frame at home using the word “Daddy”. A beautiful Daddy frame with different 4 pictures in the each letter. You can also use the word Dad or any other word you want to make picture frame, just follow bellow given simple steps and you are ready. To make this craft you need heavy paper, scissors, photograph’s

-Using large bubbly letters, write “Daddy” on a piece of heavy paper.-Cut out the word “Daddy”
-Glue the photos on the back of the frame and glue each letter joining together.

-Cut 3 almost triangular pieces of heavy paper, they should be of the same length as the letters. Attach the flaps on the back of the frame to keep it standing, make sure that you fold over ½ inch of each flap. So it will be a support to your frame.

3) Father’s day tie card: Tie has always been a popular gift for Father’s day. This time instead of a real tie, why not make a Father’s day tie card for your dad. You can follow the simple steps given bellow to make this craft. You need card, scissors, buttons(optional) marker pen, glue.

-Take a rectangle shaped card.

-Let’s start with making shirt first, cut the top of the card into M shape, it would look like to mountains.

-Fold the M shape towards the front side.

-Draw a line in the center, so the line would decide your card.

-Now draw buttons on the line, may be ¾ depending on the size of the card. You can also glue real buttons.

-Make a tie suing the construction paper or ask from dad a unused tie. If you are using a real time then use the bottom part of the tie remaining part cut with scissor.

-Glue the top of the tie to the card, so that the rest part of the tie should be free to move.

-Fold down the color flaps and glue them so they don’t open. Either make buttons or use real buttons on the color

-Write a message for dad on the card and on the tie . You can also make pocket with handkerchief

4) Hand print card: A simple card with your dad’s and your hand print will surely make your dad feel happy and this would remain as a sweet memory for your dad throughout the life. So follow the steps and start making this craft. You need color and paper(card).

-Take a card; to make the hand print of your dad you would need him as well.

-Paint your dad’s hand with the color, you want the hand print. Cover the entire hand for the best print.

-Press your hand on the paper; make sure you do not move your hand.

-Let the hand print dry then paint your kids hand and make the print of the child’s hand on the father’s hand print.

-Now let the hand print dry completely.

-Write a message for your father on the card and gift him on Father’s Day.

5) Wallet sized collage: Why not make a wallet sized collage for your dad. Make use of the best photographs you have to make the collage. This will always be with your dad and will always remind him how much you love him. Follow the below given steps to make this craft. You would need marker, photograph, stickers, glue and poster card.

-To make this first cut the poster card into a credit card size

-Glue the photograph on the poster card and stick sticker and draw some drawings.

-To make it a permanent collage, run it through lamination and a permanent wallet sized collage is ready.

Don’t you feel that beautiful crafts are easy to make, I am sure you would agree after reading the methods of making different father’s day craft in this article. I am sure you would have decided which craft you want to make on this father’s day for more ideas visit our fathers day gifts from kids blog. So make these crafts and also go through our father’s day sayings and quotes to add messages to the father’s day craft you have made.

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Fathers Day Messages: 50 Best Happy Father's Day 2016 Messages

Happy Fathers Day Messages 2016: Get Best Fathers day 2016 messages can be a great idea to express your love for your father. Fathers is the best friends of their children. They work hard and face many challenges every day, but still they try their best to give important lesson of the life to the child. Whenever possible they try to be part of your happiness, but they always stand next to you in your bad times. On father day you might have thought of giving either a greeting card or a gift, like pipe and tobacco, tie, t shirt, shirt or may be a sports kit, along with these gifts you can also send latest fathers day messages to make his day special.

Fathers day is celebrated to honor the contribution of father in their children’s life. Along with the messages, you could send him fathers day greetings to make him feel special. I am sure, there would be only few instance you might recall when you had said love you dad, or you are a great dad. Why not on this father’s day tell him how much you love him and how important is he in your life. So make use of the father’s day messages and send it to your father.

Happy Fathers Day Messages

Below are some of the best fathers day messages 2016 collection that you can send to your father either via email, greeting card, Facebook or some other mediums. Don't forget to express your gratitude to him.

Fathers are like candles, they brighten our life from darkness.

A Father is a person who is always concerned, with everything we do.

You have seen me laugh, you have seen me cry and you always stood next to me when I need you the most, I might have not said this to you earlier, but today I don’t want this opportunity to say, I love you dad, Happy Father’s day.

Thanks for being with me in my happy times and mostly in my bad times, Happy Father’s Day.

Dad, you have always encouraged and inspired my life, thank you for your constant support, Happy Father’s day.

You are the best daddy in the whole world, Love you dad, and Happy Father’s day.

Happy Fathers Day Messages & Images for Fathers Day Cards

I don’t have many words to express my love for you, dad, that you for everything you have done for me, Love you dad and Happy father’s day.

You are the best dad, I feel blessed that I have you as my dad, Happy Father’s Day.

You may be out of sight, but you will always remain in my heart forever, Happy Father’s Day.

The most beautiful gift I have received from God is my Dad, Happy Father’s Day.

Dad you have always been source of guidance and strength, Happy Father’s Day 2016.

Dad you have always been helping hand to me, even in times when I can do it things on my own. Happy Father’s Day.

A father is more than a 100 school teacher, Happy Father’s Day.

Fathers are the best people to seek advice, as they can give right information from their experiences, Happy Father’s Day.

A Father always raises his voice on kids, and also silently cry when the kids are sick or not around. Happy Father’s Day.

A father will always protect from bad things and teach you how to face difficulties in life and always stand next to you in your bad times. Happy Father’s Day.

hope guys  you like Father’s day messages 2016 are always inspirational, they inspire us a lot to be like our fathers. On this Father’s day which will be on 3rd Sunday of the June i.e 19th June, let’s make the day a special day for our father, why not make use of this messages and send to your dad every couple of hrs on father’s day 2016 and make him feel special.

Sunday, 8 May 2016


HAPPY FATHERS DAY PICTURES : we provide latest images collection for fathers day 2016 from here. You can send Happy Fathers day pictures 2016 to your dad to appreciate his hard work and unconditional love which she shows towards his family. It is rightly said, “A dad is son’s first hero and daughter’s first love”. Kids often try to be like their dad. He is the best friend, a special person who strengthens us, supports us and always gives us guidance between right and wrong. Don’t you want to make this Father’s day 2016 a special day for the special person? I am sure you want to make it most memorable day and thus you would have already started gathering messages or quotes, we have gathered few best happy fathers day pictures for you, so you can use these to express your love to your dad.

Best happy fathers day pictures

If you are looking for simple father’s day pictures, then this is the best choice, have added few more simple images, which you can send to your dad.

Another simple image, if you are your dad’s little girl, then this is right picture, look it’s you and your dad, Send this image and he will love it.

Yet another simple image, isn’t it very simple, though lovely image wishing “Happy Father’s day”.

happy fathers day 2016 pictures

This is another simple image you can use to send to your dad, if he loves birds then he will love this happy Father’s day picture.

You might have said many times to your friends “my dad is the coolest dad”. Have you said this to your dad anytime, like “Hey dad, you are the coolest dad”, I bet your answer would be no, why not send him this image and tell him that he is the coolest day and you love him.

A famous saying “any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad”. Dad usually spends less time with kids, due to their busy work scheduled, so dad has to put extra efforts to become friends of the kids. This picture will make you dad realize how important is he in your life.

Our dad is the best gift from the heavenly father, and as God created man in his image, even dad is full of love, like our heavenly father. So share this picture with your dad an show him how much to you love him.

Do you remember playing with your dad, yes why not, there e is a famous saying “a dad equals to 100 school masters: and yes he always holds our hands and will never let us fall.

I am sure you would have loved these happy Fathers day pictures 2016; you can also use these pictures to make homemade greeting card. You can also send these pictures to your dad’s Facebook a/c or on whatsapp, why not make him feel overjoyed by sending happy Father’s day picture after every 1 hour to, I am sure this idea will make him feel valued.

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