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{Yo*} Happy Fathers Day 2017 Whatsapp Status Wishes Quotes

Happy Father’s Day 2017 Whatsapp Status DP Download from here.Check out Best Happy Fathers Day 2017 Wishes Quotes SMS Messages Status HERE.Artistic Father’s day coloring pages for kids .Kids are also excited for the father’s day; many kids would have already started making homemade gifts. You can take printout of these father’s day coloring pages and give it to your kids to color the greeting card, later they can give it to their dad.

Father’s day coloring pages could be the best activity at home or school. Kids can also use best father’s day messages or Quotes to write on the best father's day greeting card. Many kids also write father’s day songs or best fathers day whatsapp status on the greeting card. Once the kids have completed coloring and writing personalized message for their dad, and when they will present this beautiful card to their dad, Dad will surely feel overjoyed.

{Yo*} Happy Fathers Day 2017 Whatsapp Status Wishes Quotes

Father is a son’s first hero and daughter’s first love. If you are the little angel of your dad, then this is the perfect picture, you would want to color and gift to your dad.

This is a simple printable coloring card, take print of this, and draw something special for your dad, also write a quote or message on the card and give a soft touch to the card.

You would often tell your friends that “My dad is the best Dad!”, take print of this card and color it, this card will help you to express your love to your dad and let him know that how important is he in your life.

A simple coloring page you can print and let your kids enjoy coloring itand when they are done coloring, ask them to give it to dad.

A father is the best friend, someone to rely on and always supports and strengthens his kids. This is a beautiful coloring picture, where the little kid is sitting on the shoulders of the father, am sure you would have sat many times, so why not color this coloring image and give it to your dad.

A simple Father’s day coloring page, color this page with the favorite colors of your dad and you have space to write a special message for your dad, so think something very special and write message for your dad.

Beautiful teddy wearing tie, tie has been a traditional classic gift for Fathers’ day, why not color this beautiful coloring page and write a special message for your dad. You can also write a poem or song for your dad on the greeting card.

Do you remember days, when you dad used to carry you and play with you, I am sure you would say yes, you do remember, and let me tell you, your dad also remembers everything. So why not color this beautiful image and make dad remember the past happy memories.

Happy Father 2017 Wishes and Quotes :

Your love is like a refreshing spring, fills our hearts and minds with joy every day! Lots of love and sweet memories on this Day!

Dear God, bless all Fathers today and make their life filled with laughter and happiness!

Father doesn’t know to be happy when her child is not smiling!

Living through someone else’s life is a magic that only you can do dad! Lots of love on your special day!

Thank for you for making my life a heaven! Your love is my inspiration forever!

Fathers never lectures and teach values. Their love and understanding brings all the values that a gentle human being needs!

I know you have always understood my feelings without saying a word! But I feel like screaming today, “I Love you dad and You are the Best.”

Happy Fathers Day 2017 SMS Messages :

“When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.” ~ William Shakespeare
“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” ~ George Herbert
“A man knows when he is growing old because he begins to look like his father.” ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
“F” aithful. 
“A” lays there. 
“T” trustworthy. 
“H” honoring. 
“E” very-loving. 
“R” righteous. 
“S” supportive
“I would want my legacy to be that I was a great son, father and friend.” ~ Dante Hall

The greatest thing a FATHER can do to his children, is to love their mother.
“Being a father helps me be more responsible… you see more things than you’ve ever seen.” ~ Kid Rock
“Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.” ~ Gloria Naylor
Quotes on Fathers Day by Wife:
I just owe almost everything to my father [and] it’s passionately interesting for me that the things that I learned in a small town, in a very modest home, are just the things that I believe have won the election. 
Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, singers of songs.
“A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.” ~Enid Bagnold

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50+ Fathers Day Messages: Best Happy Father's Day 2017 Messages

Happy Fathers Day Messages 2017: Get Best Fathers day 2017 messages can be a great idea to express your love for your father. Fathers is the best friends of their children. They work hard and face many challenges every day, but still they try their best to give important lesson of the life to the child. Whenever possible they try to be part of your happiness, but they always stand next to you in your bad times. On father day you might have thought of giving either a greeting card or a gift, like pipe and tobacco, tie, t shirt, shirt or may be a sports kit, along with these gifts you can also send latest fathers day messages to make his day special.

Fathers day is celebrated to honor the contribution of father in their children’s life. Along with the messages, you could send him fathers day greetings to make him feel special. I am sure, there would be only few instance you might recall when you had said love you dad, or you are a great dad. Why not on this father’s day tell him how much you love him and how important is he in your life. So make use of the father’s day messages and send it to your father.

Happy Fathers Day Messages

Below are some of the best fathers day messages 2017 collection that you can send to your father either via email, greeting card, Facebook or some other mediums. Don't forget to express your gratitude to him.

Fathers are like candles, they brighten our life from darkness.

A Father is a person who is always concerned, with everything we do.

You have seen me laugh, you have seen me cry and you always stood next to me when I need you the most, I might have not said this to you earlier, but today I don’t want this opportunity to say, I love you dad, Happy Father’s day.

Thanks for being with me in my happy times and mostly in my bad times, Happy Father’s Day.

Dad, you have always encouraged and inspired my life, thank you for your constant support, Happy Father’s day.

You are the best daddy in the whole world, Love you dad, and Happy Father’s day.

Happy Fathers Day Messages & Images for Fathers Day Cards

I don’t have many words to express my love for you, dad, that you for everything you have done for me, Love you dad and Happy father’s day.

You are the best dad, I feel blessed that I have you as my dad, Happy Father’s Day.

You may be out of sight, but you will always remain in my heart forever, Happy Father’s Day.

The most beautiful gift I have received from God is my Dad, Happy Father’s Day.

Dad you have always been source of guidance and strength, Happy Father’s Day 2017.

Dad you have always been helping hand to me, even in times when I can do it things on my own. Happy Father’s Day.

A father is more than a 100 school teacher, Happy Father’s Day.

Fathers are the best people to seek advice, as they can give right information from their experiences, Happy Father’s Day.

A Father always raises his voice on kids, and also silently cry when the kids are sick or not around. Happy Father’s Day.

A father will always protect from bad things and teach you how to face difficulties in life and always stand next to you in your bad times. Happy Father’s Day.

hope guys  you like Father’s day messages 2017 are always inspirational, they inspire us a lot to be like our fathers. On this Father’s day which will be on 3rd Sunday of the June i.e 19th June, let’s make the day a special day for our father, why not make use of this messages and send to your dad every couple of hrs on father’s day 2017 and make him feel special.

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HAPPY FATHERS DAY PICTURES : we provide latest images collection for fathers day 2016 from here. You can send Happy Fathers day pictures 2016 to your dad to appreciate his hard work and unconditional love which she shows towards his family. It is rightly said, “A dad is son’s first hero and daughter’s first love”. Kids often try to be like their dad. He is the best friend, a special person who strengthens us, supports us and always gives us guidance between right and wrong. Don’t you want to make this Father’s day 2016 a special day for the special person? I am sure you want to make it most memorable day and thus you would have already started gathering messages or quotes, we have gathered few best happy fathers day pictures for you, so you can use these to express your love to your dad.

Best happy fathers day pictures

If you are looking for simple father’s day pictures, then this is the best choice, have added few more simple images, which you can send to your dad.

Another simple image, if you are your dad’s little girl, then this is right picture, look it’s you and your dad, Send this image and he will love it.

Yet another simple image, isn’t it very simple, though lovely image wishing “Happy Father’s day”.

happy fathers day 2016 pictures

This is another simple image you can use to send to your dad, if he loves birds then he will love this happy Father’s day picture.

You might have said many times to your friends “my dad is the coolest dad”. Have you said this to your dad anytime, like “Hey dad, you are the coolest dad”, I bet your answer would be no, why not send him this image and tell him that he is the coolest day and you love him.

A famous saying “any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad”. Dad usually spends less time with kids, due to their busy work scheduled, so dad has to put extra efforts to become friends of the kids. This picture will make you dad realize how important is he in your life.

Our dad is the best gift from the heavenly father, and as God created man in his image, even dad is full of love, like our heavenly father. So share this picture with your dad an show him how much to you love him.

Do you remember playing with your dad, yes why not, there e is a famous saying “a dad equals to 100 school masters: and yes he always holds our hands and will never let us fall.

I am sure you would have loved these happy Fathers day pictures 2016; you can also use these pictures to make homemade greeting card. You can also send these pictures to your dad’s Facebook a/c or on whatsapp, why not make him feel overjoyed by sending happy Father’s day picture after every 1 hour to, I am sure this idea will make him feel valued.

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Happy fathers day pics


FATHERS DAY PICTURES : Artistic Fathers day pictures 2016 for whatsapp and facebook. Fathers day pictures are beautifying, these pictures would be just your imagination and could enrich your relation with your dad. On this father’s day 2016, let your father feel special. Send him the best possible gift or greeting. After all, he has made a lot of sacrifice in his life to raise us. Father’s day pictures can be utilized in many ways, you can take print and use it for making greeting card, or may be for making poster, you can use it to send a message via sms or on Facebook. The Father’s day images in this article have inspirational and heart touching words. The pictures are not just photos but a medium to convey a positive message about your father and his importance in your life. So why not go through all the pictures and read the adoring and heart touching quotes on it.

Delighting Fathers Day Pictures

Fathers day pictures can help a lot in a multiple ways. You can either send such picture to your father via Whatsapp like messenger or you can use it as a Facebook timeline cover. Additionally, it is also possible to download these pictures and use it as a wallpaper or some other way.

Have you ever asked a kid, what do you want to be when he is big? Most of the kids would say like dad. Our father is our first hero in our life. We look for everything in him; he is a champion for us and guards us from evils. This is a simple picture by has a deep meaning and I am sure you would agree to it.

Mom is the finest example for love, and dad’s caring is outstanding. This is a beautiful picture telling us the prime adjective i.e love and care of mom and dad.

You might agree that sons are more closed to mom and daughters are closed to dad. Father is like a hero for the son, but father and daughter relation is impeccable. This picture beautifully tells us how our relation is with our dad. Your dad is surely going to love this picture as he understand the message depicted in this picture.

This is a brilliant picture, which tells us about various attributes about our dad i.e. patience, trust, time, love, pride and joy.

This is a magnificent picture, to express your love for your dad. You might not say “ I love you, Dad” in everyday life, why not on this Father’s day tell your father how much you love him, use the best use of this Father’s Day picture.

Parenting is a tough job, Mom works hard for you and so does the father. Whenever anything wrong happened, we always ran to father, as he always protected us. Make use of this picture to tell him how much you love him and his importance in your life.

Many times you might have heard people say that you look like your father or you talk like your father. Children’s always follow the footprints of their parents and parents expect that the kids to be wonderful. A beautiful quote on this picture makes this picture excellent.

Father’s always motivate and encourage their children’s. This picture has valuable message for everyone.


This is a great picture which tells us what really a father is and the No1 dad seal makes the picture superior. Your dad would feel wonderful when he will read the words on the picture and the seal will make him feel valuable.

This is a beautiful picture of father and daughter walking during sunset time. A child feels more protected when they hold their dad’s hand and walk. This picture beautifully tells us about how much our father has helped us in our lives, guided during years and shown unfaltering love. I am sure you would agree with each word on this picture.

These Father’s day pictures are exceptional and marvelous. You can also send him some fathers day messages. Alternatively, we also recommend sending home some beautiful quotes as mentioned here. I am sure as you have gone through the each words on each picture, you love towards your father would have become more intense. So use these Father’s day pictures to send to your father and express your appreciation and love for your father.


FATHERS DAY IMAGES : download Fathers day images 2016 for your mobile. Our exhaustive collection of beautiful fathers day images will surely make your father is honored and happy. As the father’s day 2016 is near, you might have decided to give some gift or a card, In this blog post, we have provided you few father’s day 2016 images, that you can use in different ways, you can email it to your father, or can use to make a greeting card for father. Or may be send this Father’s day images on his social network site and he would love it when he finds that his son/daughter has sent him a beautiful image. In addition to that, you can also send him a fathers day songs or poems too. We’ve a super awesome collection of fathers day poems. You can also take print of these images and on Father’s day hang it at different places in the house, so he can notice it during the day, am sure this will make him overjoyed.

Best Fathers day Images 2016

Following are some of the best fathers day images.

Simple yet beautiful Father’s Day image wishing Happy Father’s Day 2016, if you have kids in the house then this will be the perfect Father’s Day image your kid can send to father, Even if you are grownup, this pic will remind your father about your childhood days, So why not make use of this image and send it to your father on this Fathers day.

A beautiful handprint with heart in the center and colorful happy fathers day, father fills our life with colors and always tries his best to keep us happy. This is a beautiful picture to express your love for your dad. You can also send him some beautiful fathers day quotes as well.

Everyone would have a reason why their Dady is best and you might have your reasons as well. This is a beautiful Father’s day image which tells about everything father does for his kids, he plays, smiles, hugs, reads comic books and so on. The bond between a daughter and father is a special one. Why not send him some good father daughter quotes? I am sure you would agree to this, then why not send this image to your father to wish Father’s day.

Father’s always encourage us and inspire us to complete our tasks, even if we fail they will always be with us and motivate and encourage us to complete our task and when we do it they feel proud in us. The image above is beautiful image which tell us about our father and his support in our life.

A beautiful message shared from the Father’s Day image

A beautiful Father’s Day image which tell us many things about our father his qualities, i am sure you would agree with the message shared in the image, our father is always there to support us and love us. The No 1 Dad seal on the image makes the image perfect.

Beautiful Quote it is true anyone can be father, but it is difficult to be a Daddy, you have to gain confidence of the kid to become a daddy. You can even using sayings for fathers day. If your dad is a special dad to you then send this image to your Father and make him feel special on Father’s Day.

Do you recall those days when you and your dad played video games together. This is a beautiful image wishing Happy father’s day and as it reminds you of your childhood days even it will remind your dad about your childhood days when you both played games together.

Fathers day 2016 Images

These are few beautiful Father’s Day images you can use to send to your father on Father’s Day. These images convey a positive message to your father and it expresses your love for your father. So as the Father’s Day is near keep coming back to our blog to get information on Father’s Day Quotes, Father’s Day messages and new updates. I am sure you would have loved the Father’s Day images in this article, then start using the images and make your fathers, Father’s Day special.

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50+ Fathers Day Quotes: Big Collection of Quotes for Fathers Day 2016

Quotes for Fathers Day 2016 :Fathers day 2016 quotes always inspire us to be like our fathers. If you are looking for the fathers day quotes on this fathers day 2016 occasion, then you've come to the right place. Father’s day is celebrated to honor the fathers for their contribution in our life. This one day gives us opportunity to show our love and gratefulness to our father. Many people send gift to their father, some give greeting cards to their father. This blog will help you with Best Father’s day Quotes you can use to send to your dad. Father’s day quotes tells us many things about father’s life, you would find father’s life interesting, beautiful and also extremely challenging. So send these Father’s Day Quotes to your father to express your love and appreciation.

Fathers Day Quotes 2016: Big Collection of Quotes for Fathers Day 2016

My Father believed in me, that is the biggest gift a father could give to his children.

One father equals to many school teachers.

A dad always holds your hand when you fall, scold you when you don’t follow rules, feels proud when you get success and has faith in you even when you fail.

We feel that our life is hard life, but the hardships we face are nothing against the hardships our father face to get us better lives.

The greatest gift I ever received from God that is my Father.

Father’s Day Quotes

Following are some of top not fathers day quotes that you can send it to your father. You can also send him some greeting card or a gift too, but such quotes make a huge impact for sure. 

Honor thy Father and thy Mother, is one of the Ten Commandments from the Bible.

The best way to learn how to live the life is by watching our Father how he lives life.

A father is a person, who has pictures of his little ones, where his money used to be.

One important thing a child requires most in his childhood is his Father’s Protection.

A wise father always knows his own children.

A father is someone on whom you look upon, no matter how tall you grow.

A dad always holds you before you fall and pick you up and encourage you to try again.

A dad always supports you and allows you to do things mama says no, he always encourages if we fall, we gives us protection when we need and always loves till he lives.

Though fathers spend less time with their children, they know what their children’s want and what they want to be when they grow up.

Happy Fathers Day 2016 Quotes

Father’s always teach the wisest lessons of life and how to get success in life.

There are tough days in our lives but as compared to the hardships in dad’s lives our days are more of fun than any hardship.

God cannot be present everywhere, so he send angels in form of Fathers to protect us.

Father’s are always dear to their daughters, and sons to mother but the love of parents for their children cannot be compared.

Fathering is a very important stage of Father’s life.

Teach your child in the way he should go to, so that when he is old, he does not depart from the teachings.

A father always loves his children even if they do things, which hurts their father.

A father is a person who gives you shoulders to support you and encourage you to achieve success.

Father’s are most of the time tough to their children’s, it is not they don’t love kids; it’s just that some from father and mother has to be tough on kids. Father feels similar pain, like mother when you are sick or hurt. Why not tell her how much you love him using fathers day messages or text him. Fathers day quotes are really going to make a huge difference in their life. Do not forget to send such beautiful quotes for fathers day to him. Father’s are great personality to learn from and I am sure you would have started your preparations to make your fathers Father’s day special. So add little flavor to the Father’s Day by sending these fathers day quotes to your father or father entity.

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Fathers Day Poems from Kids: Poems for father's day 2016

Fathers Day Poems from Kids : we provide best Poems from kids on Fathers day 2016 here.Kids are always enthusiastic about father’s day, and these days kids even make baked cakes or cookies to make their day very special. For a father, when he sees his kid making efforts to make his father’s day special, is the most valuable gift for a father. Kids can write down poems and recite Father’s day poems. Here we have gathered best Fathers day poems from kids why not use these poems and sing for your dad? I am sure this will be the best gift for your dad. You can also write these poems on a greeting card and give it to your dad. So I would suggest you to go through, all the Fathers day 2016 poems from kids and pick the best one, that you would love to sing for your dad.

Best Father’s day poems from kids

1) A Dad is a special person, who loves your very much, he is the special one, who has the magic touch.
When someone else asks me “who is that person?”.
I Say “My dad!” With a happy feeling in my eyes.

A dad is a expert at coaching you sports game,
His favored part of the Olympics is when they light the start.
A dad always buys sweets and cookies with a heart touch,
A dad is someone who loves you forever and very much.

2) You are my star, Dad
You're my protector,.
Whenever you are on my mind, I am filled with affection.
Furthermore, affectionate appreciation.

You make me feel ensured;
I'm shielded by your forethought,
You have been always my true friend;
When I shout for help, I find you right there.

You have a position of honor profound inside my heart.
You've been my superstar, Dad, right from the precise beginning..

Update: You can also check happy father's day poems from here.

Fathers Day Poems from Kids: Poems for father's day 2016

3) My dad is extremely exclusive person,
He is not simply a dad, but also a good friend. 
For he knows where there is a Difference,
At the point, when someone to start and other’s to end. 

I grew up like other kids generally grow,
Longing to be similar to my dad,
Regardless of what he did, he worked really very hard, 
Numerous miles he had to travel, to fulfill the needs of the family.
I am proud to have you as my dad,
Who cared for me always and gave me which was good,
I just want to say, I Love you, dad.

4) A father is a exceptional man, In which all things proliferate,
Indicating responsibility and devotion, 
to love everyone around.

I shall treasure all the restless nights
And sacrifices you made
Everything, because of the love, you showed towards me.
5) Dad, I Love You and adore you.
For everything you do for me,
I want to kiss you and embrace you, because you love me too.

You feed me and need me
To show you to play,
So smile 'Cause I cherish you and love you
On this Father’s day.

6) Many fathers’ have lived in the past, 
Who did many enormous and imperial works,
Enhanced nations, Silenced fears,
Faced many hardships, and also changed the course of life.

7) When I rubbed my knees 
Or when I smacked in my head,
When I was scared of the dark nights,
Or something under my bed in night or day
You were always there for me, forever.

Aren’t these father’s day poems from kids, awesome? I am sure you would have loved the poems and you might have also picked one to sing for your dad or may be write it on a greeting card for your dad. A lovely collection of songs for father will also help you up to certain extent. These poems from kids are specially collected for you, so use this poems and make your dad’s Father’s day 2016 memorable. Just check out our biggest collection of fathers day poems from kids 2016 and let us know your review about the same.

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