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25+ Fathers Day Greetings : Best Fathers day 2016 Greeting Messages

Best Fathers day 2016 Greetings Messages : Father’s day greetings 2016 can make your father’s, fathers day 2016 special. Our father does many things in daily life, he is always there to protect us, love us and guide us. Father’s day gives us chance to show how much we love our father and appreciate him for all the hard work. He teaches us how to walk, how to talk and how to handle the extreme situation in the life. For any child, the father is in idle which he/she always want to follow. Like mother, father has an important role in the life of a child, however, most of the time people ignores the contribution of a father. To make your Father’s day special you can do many things, you can send him a greeting card, or may be send him a gift or most important you can try spending time with the father, also to add more happiness you can send father’s day greetings 2016 to your father. In this blog we have provided few beautiful and heart touching Father’s Day 2016 greetings which you an use to send it to your Father.

Father’s Day 2016 Greetings

Here is our best collection of greetings for father's day 2016.
You are the best gift from God to me, Love you dad, Happy Father’s Day.

Thank you for always helping me, supporting me and guiding me to walk on the right path, happy Father’s Day.

You have always been my inspiration and motivation, thank you for being in my life, love you dad, Happy Father’s Day 2016.

God cannot be present everywhere so he gave fathers, Happy Father’s Day.

You have been like candle light for me in the darkness of the world, Happy Father’s Day.

As a young one, we feel our life is full of hardship and struggle, but when we see the hardship our father faces in his life, our hardship is nothing compared to fathers hardship, love you dad, Happy Father’s Day.

You always held me when i cried or felt pain, you always encouraged me and help me to gain my confidence, you always have been my strength when obstacles came in my way, you are the best father in the whole world, Happy Father’s day.

The most important thing a child requires in his childhood is fathers protection.
A father is equal to 100 school teacher.

Father’s life is a real life experience book, which is full of happiness, interesting incidents, fun, hardship and struggle.

Father and mother are the two greatest pillars of child’s life.

Children’s are the most valuable asset of the father’s.

A father is the person ,who will always save your from your mother’s scolding, will give you chocolates to eat when mom is away, will protect you from badness and will always hold your hand till his life ends.

Best Fathers day 2016 Greeting Messages

A father holds your hand for little time, but hearts forever.

You might not be able to play with your father as he is busy working, but he knows that to give you a better life he has to miss few happy moments of the life.

A father might not be seen next to us in our happy times, but he will always stand next to us in our bad times.

You taught me to never give up and always standup if you fall and work hard and you will get success. Thank you for everything. Happy Father’s Day.

My father taught me don’t just try hard, but be positive and work hard to achieve the goal. Thanks a lot an love you , Happy Father’s Day.

A father is always making his little baby into women and when she is a women turns her back.

You are a special dad, any one can be a father, but it takes special efforts to be a dad, love you lots, Happy Father’s Day 2016.

Whenever you are giving support or helping to solve the problem or just giving advise, you have ability to put love in everything, Love you dad, Happy Father’s Day.

I can never pay you back for everything you have done, but i can promise to love you always, today and forever, Love you, Happy Father’s Day.

These Father’s Day greetings 2016 will surely make you father feel valued and important. This is the best way to express your love for your father and let him know he is the role model in your life. I am sure you would have loved the Father’s Day 2016 greetings messages and as the day is near start checking for new updates on our blog as well.


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